The way iPhone lineup should be in 2018 and beyond. My 2 cents!

With all the rumors floating around about the 3 (+1 for SE successor) new phones to be released by Apple in 2018, I have an uncomfortable feeling about the line up. This is my 2 cents on how I believe it should be.


The Rumors

As per whats being heard, Apple will possibly launch the following:

  • A successor to iPhone SE (iPhone SE 2)
  • 5.8” OLED iPhone (similar price point as iPhone X)
  • 6.1” LCD iPhone (lower price point)
  • 6.5” OLED iPhone (highest price point)

So what makes me uncomfortable?

The screen size.

I dont see why paying more, much more, am I getting a smaller screen size (5.8”) as compared to 6.1” which will be sold at a lower price point. Yes I know, the screen. But still! In consumer’s mind, screen size is a direct result of price you pay. OLED is awesome, but as a consumer I will always squirm when I see another person holding a bigger ‘notchy’ iPhone than what I have and paid less for it.

If these are indeed launched, this is what the sales ranking will most likely look like.

  1. 6.1″ LCD

  2. 6.5″ OLED

  3. 5.8″ OLED

  4. iPhone SE 2

In effect, the 6.1″ LCD will massively cannibalize the 5.8″ OLED model. Is this what Apple wants? If they are interested in profit margins, the ranking should ideally be as follows:

  1. 5.8″ OLED

  2. 6.5″ OLED

  3. 6.1″ LCD

  4. IPhone SE 2

So what do I believe should happen?

I believe Apple has nailed it with the iPad line up.

  • iPad 9.7: Low price, mass market
  • iPad Pro 10.5/12.7: Clear Premium versions, with a ‘bigger screen’, more RAM, 4 Speakers and Apple pencil.

There is no confusion here. You pay more, you get bigger screen and better config.

iPhone SE Reimagined

Can a similar lineup be created for iPhone? Abolutely!

  • iPhone X1 Eco (5”, LCD, SE successor, with a notch)
  • iPhone X1 (5.8”, LCD)
  • iPhone X1 Pro (5.8”, OLED)
  • iPhone X1 Plus (6.5”, OLED)

Numbering goes X1, X2, X3 in the years to come (call it ‘eleven’ or ‘X1’ whatever you like). Not XI, XII, XIII, XIV… thats cumbersome.

One more thing.

How do you differentiate between the two 5.8” iPhones?

Color. Camera. RAM.

The Pro/Plus models: White, Black, Gold, Rose Gold + Dual Camera + 4 GB RAM

The others: Grey, Blue, Purple, Green + Single Camera + 2 GB RAM for 5″ and 3 GB RAM for 5.8″

Price Points:

  • iPhone X1 Eco: $499 onwards (32 GB and 128 GB)
  • iPhone X1: $699 onwards (32 GB and 128 GB)
  • iPhone X1 Pro: $899 onwards (64 GB and 256 GB)
  • iPhone X1 Plus: $1099 onwards (64 GB and 256 GB)

Well, thats what I propose the iPhone line up should ideally be; Will Apple dispose?

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