WhatsApp is A BlockChain Hiding in Plain Sight & Its Mass Potential is Immense

WhatsApp can be the mass revolution that blockchain is waiting for... to steamroll its way into public consciousness.

6 Principles for Customer Service: What Made Apple and Amazon a Trillion Dollar Company

If I have to pin point a single factor that made Amazon and Apple a Trillion Dollar company its their impeccable, great to a fault 'customer service'! Many companies have great products, however not all of them are great at customer service, which is why they wont succeed in the long run.

With Aadhaar in toe, can the Banks and Telecom firms in India solve their most frustrating problem?

Directive in India is to link every mobile number and bank account with Aadhaar (Unique Identification Number), which basically links it to an individual. Banks & Telecom firms have long had a siloed approach to their customer data. Aadhaar can be a blessing in disguise, solving the problem for them.