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Apple may have just lost the messenger wars! And enterprise along with it.

By not taking the opportunity during Covid-19 lockdown to merge iMessage & Facetime into one powerful communication app and making it cross platform, Apple may have missed out on its biggest opportunity to beat Whatsapp, Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

BharatChain – Imagining a Pan-India Blockchain Network for Government

Background Note The post below is the original write-up, parts of which were published in The Economic Times here and here. The concept of 'BharatChain' was first mentioned in a series of tweets on 20th June 2017 Tweet 1, Tweet 2, and Tweet 3. This writeup aims to create a case for establishing a country-wide … Continue reading BharatChain – Imagining a Pan-India Blockchain Network for Government

With Aadhaar in toe, can the Banks and Telecom firms in India solve their most frustrating problem?

Directive in India is to link every mobile number and bank account with Aadhaar (Unique Identification Number), which basically links it to an individual. Banks & Telecom firms have long had a siloed approach to their customer data. Aadhaar can be a blessing in disguise, solving the problem for them.